30 April, 2018

Winners of EBEC Challenge Spain 2018

EBEC Challenge Spain 2018 has ended and we have our winners. The jury had thought decisions regarding the winning projects, but at the end only one team can win. All teams worked very hard with innovative solutions, so congratulations to them!

Our Team Design winners were: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – UPC formed by Miguel Angel Vives, Maria Vila, Sergi Aliaga and Marc Bosch. Second place was for Universidad Politécnica de Madrid: Almudena Maroto, Diego Bertolín, Óscar Mate and Jesús Sierra and third place was form the team coming from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid: Daniel Garrido, Javier González, Álvaro Hurtado and Ignacio Gómez-Pavón.

In Case Study, the winner team was: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid formed by Ignacio Albert, Alexis Pomares, Borja Sánchez and Elena Figal. Second position was for Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya: Guillem Sanchez, Roger Lapeyra, Artur Romero and Ariadna Puig and third place was for Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, formed by Marina Buezo, Luis Miguel Núñez, Sofia Granda and Adrián Sanchez.

Thanks all teams for participating!

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