BEST (Board of European Students of Technology), is a non-political, non-profit and student organization. One of its fundamental purposes is to promote communication, cooperation and scientific and technological development among students all over Europe.






Active Members


Students reached

The history of BEST began in April 1989, when the idea of an international, nonpolitical and non-profit organization was born with the intention of connecting Europe.

Twenty-nine years later, BEST is the sum of 95 BEST local groups. Our work has an impact on students, universities, and industry collaborators in 33 countries across Europe. BEST is constantly growing, always trying to offer a complementary transversal learning to classroom training,  all the work is done by students for students with the aim of broadening the horizons of technology students.

A dream come true

Covering 33 countries and reaching 1,300,000 students of technology, BEST has become a considerable European organization. There are 95 local groups scattered across Europe that form the core of the organization. Each group is present in exactly one university, and has its own local board of directors, its own practices, events, culture and customs. As pieces of a puzzle, each of them has its own shape and place in BEST: The groups are connected to each other by common BEST values. 

This connection powers BEST as a strong organization, offering services to European students of technology.

Our values


We are not afraid of change, we are open to different opinions and prepared to face and respond quickly to new horizons.


We are not satisfied, we always seek to raise the level in everything we do, it is always possible to improve and in pursuit of that goal is our success.


We value friendship above all, we strive to build good personal relationships and work as a team in all BEST activities.


We love everything we do and we strive to make our activities a pleasant experience for all those who participate in them.


We value everything we learn with the experience of being involved in our skills and strive to learn as much as we can from every aspect of our work.


We provide complementary training through the BEST Courses and Competitions giving added value to regulated education. We provide a structured way for engineering students to give input on their education and, therefore, to be offered the option of improving their education. Students have the opportunity to develop their career prospects through BEST Career Support (BCS) services and learn and put into practice skills for their professional development and reach their full potential.


In all our activities we try to give students a new perception of different ways of thinking, reaching a better understanding of other cultures and societies. Our events give students the opportunity to develop their ability to work in a culturally diverse environment so that they can improve their social skills.